Shame on you

It has reached my attention that someone on Facebook has stolen money from a fund intended to go towards a sick preemie. This unnamed person was "helping" with the fundraiser, there were some "problems" with the paypal, and now a dear friend's daughter will not be receiving the funds.

This makes me sick to my stomach. SHAME on you. Deep, guilt ridden, twisted stomach, fear for your soul kind of shame. You are a low life form and I hope to be around when Karma kicks the tar out of your behind.

This is a warning: Do not trust all the fundraisers on Facebook. I apologize, as I helped spread the word on this particular fundraiser. I apologize more if you donated money, like I did. I can only hope that this will help spread awareness.

I'm going to go cool off now...there is still steam rolling out of my ears, I'm so mad.


Unknown said...

This is awful! But sadly, I can't say it's surprising. I've seen it over and over, cons, spam and jerks.

Linsey said...

So sad!!!

Shan said...

That is a special kind of evil. But you had no way of knowing, and it's good to trust people even though it's a risk.

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