A scale

10. How much I hate snow.

9. My level of hunger at this moment.

8. The number of times a day I snack.

7. The number of weeks I have left in my pregnancy.

6. The number of times I pee a day.

5. My level of uncomfortableness. (is that a word?)

4. The number of times I cry a day. Thanks a lot hormones.

3. The season of Grey's I'm watching right now.

2. My level of back pain.

1. How many days left till Hubby is off work.

The hunger is taking over...

over and out.

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Aislynn said...

You only pee 6 times a day? I think my bladder had a vendetta against me and enjoyed making me walk downstairs to our bathroom at least 10xday.
Getting close! Wait til your pelvis starts creaking. Mine never did that with Grady, but I guess it was good and loose the second time around.

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