Things I miss...

1. I miss being a new mom.
I miss the time when I debated whether or not to use a wipe warmer, trying to pick a brand of diapers, and when I didn't know what an aspirator was. I honestly miss not knowing what I was doing.
Is that crazy?

2. I miss having a job.
I have been pregnant and jobless for just over a YEAR AND A HALF.
Thats a long time.
And thanks to my ironic luck, I was offered my old job back today. I had to decline and apologize since I'm due in 6 weeks. But they said they would give me a call back around April if they still needed me.
Dang it.

3. I miss my pre-baby body.
Sure I wasn't a size two, but I have been pregnant so long, I can't remember what a (relatively) flat belly feels like.

4. I miss having a schedule.
Right now, I have no schedule. No job, which means no daycare, and no school = I'm available any time, any day.
I enjoy being busy but I know that will kick in soon. Hopefully within the year, I will have a job and be back in school. Can't wait!

5. I miss Virginia.
I would rather drive two hours to shop then have to settle for what is available around here.
I also miss the weather.

I would list that I miss having a newborn but that would be silly.
Anyone who knows me, knows that a newborn is not far away!