Shopping therapy

After a boring morning at the house, me and the baby were starting to get cabin fever so I took advantage of the rare sunny day we were having and headed to town.

Driving relaxes me.
I can turn the radio up and get my thoughts together. So I don't mind the 45 minute drive, up and over a mountain, to get to where the good shops are.

I immediately hit up my favorite store ever: TJ Maxx.
That store is a God send for people like me who are experimenting with their decorating skills but do not have a decorator's budget.
I'm 8 months prego so I haven't shopped for clothes in 6 months so I hit up the home goods department.

I'm focusing on decorating the guest room and the kitchen.
The guest room needs more cosmetic touches then anything. I really need to paint the walls but I know that won't be for awhile so I'm focusing on lamps, vases, wall art..etc.
With the kitchen, I'm slowly replacing things I already have and upgrading for better quality pieces.

I am having a ball doing this and it makes me incredibly happy that I can find a $55 lamp for $10.
A few more things and a grand total of $40 later, I am one happy customer.

Mama likes.