I had meant to explain this in an earlier post, but my memory is non-existent so here ya go.

When Dr. G, the Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon was talking to us in the NICU all those nights ago, about Peanut's surgery; he chose a very interesting yet heartwarming metaphor to help us better understand what he was talking about.
He was explaining that he would have to leave Peanut's chest open in case his heart swelled. Then he pointed to emphasize his point, touched my hand very gently and said:
"I like to use the metaphor of the oyster"
Hubby and I just looked at each other.
"A baby's chest is like the oyster, and their heart is the pearl, see."
"I have to leave the shell open so that if the heart swells it does not get crushed. Because the pearl is the most important part of the oyster."

I will never forget that conversation. It showed that this man, who was soon going to be cutting into my son's heart, was a human. He was a human with real emotions and one who could, if just for an instant, show us the depth of his own heart.
It was a very touching moment for me, whether or not the doctor realized it. It was then I knew that this man was going to fix my son.

And that is why it is the title of this blog. :D